Wayside Event Recorder

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RECO’s Event Recorder is a multifunctional, innovative solution designed to remotely monitor grade crossings, switches, battery banks and other wayside equipment.  This powerful system was engineered to make significant updates to existing event recorders on the market today in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers needs.  See a full list below of all the features and benefits packed into this compact event recorder.

Wayside Event Recorder


  • Industry leading clock accuracy with less than 5 seconds of drift/month. Optional GPS antenna to eliminate any drift.
  • 7″ color touch-display and keyboard for user friendly navigation, setup and use.
  • Two dry contacts to alarm when outside user programmable limits.
  • Provides up to 96 analog and digital inputs.
  • Transmit data via Ethernet port in SNMP or ModBus protocol.
  • Event logs can be saved to a USB drive in CSV format with an encrypted CRC hash at the end of the file.
  • Firmware updates via an email file that can be uploaded to your device via a USB drive.
  • Customizable configurations and faults.
  • Large internal memory that can record up to one million events.
  • Monitors
    • Grade Crossings
    • Gate Arms and lights
    • Track position/track sensors
    • Track Heaters
    • Battery Capacity
    • Battery load testing
    • Cell voltage
    • Cell fluid level
    • Conductance of Battery Cells
    • Ground Fault testing
    • Switch monitoring


  • Compatible with existing crossing controllers.
  • Small footprint and quick connect plugs for ease of  use and installation.
  • Accurate time calculation ensures that if an event occurs the railroad will have accurate account of what was functioning during an event.
  • Lowers response time through a versatile platform capable of alarming specific user defined inputs.
  • Ability to integrate with existing maintenance call out systems.

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