Rail Monitoring


RECO (Railway Equipment Co) offers innovative solutions to remotely monitor and control wayside equipment from anywhere at any time. Rail-NETTM has proven reliability, increased safety and efficiency with the ability to monitor, control, and test various wayside assets remotely. Rail-NETTM provides real-time insight to critical data, weather conditions, battery health, gate mechanism condition, battery charger operation, switch machine analytics, gate lamp and flasher light out detection, crossing arm position and switch heater status.

Ongoing efforts are taking place to integrate robust sensors with the Rail- NETTM platform with the goal of increasing the safety of grade crossings through real-time monitoring every time a crossing is activated, on-demand, or at user-defined intervals.

Switch Mode Battery Charger


  • Modular design
  • Available in 20, 40, 60 and 80 amp models
  • 4 x 20 LED display reads: voltage, current, temperature and allows for user-friendly set up
  • Fully automatic and convection cooled
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 70°C
  • Wall mounted or rack mounting kit
  • AC and DC circuit transient protection
  • Automatic power up feature
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Battery string voltage monitor with relay output
  • Adjustable current limit: 100-50%
  • -/+ 1% voltage regulation
  • Compatible with battery cell monitor
  • SNMP protocol via standard Ethernet port
  • 2 Form C contacts programmable
  • Arema compliant and California compliant
  • Made in the USA exclusively for the railroad market
  • Monitors:
    • Loss of power
    • Module fault ­
    • Under voltage
    • Over voltage
    • Battery capacity
    • Battery load testing
    • Cell voltage
    • Cell fluid level
    • Conductance of battery cell
    • Ground fault testing
    • Switch monitor


  • Maximize the life of the charger by utilizing a Microprocessor to analyze and switch demand on the power module based on temperature
  • Eliminates the risk of leaving utility power off after testing by utilizing the Automatic power up technology
  • 50% more efficient than traditional rail chargers
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Receive detailed fault and operations data when you need it through SNMP protocol


  • Continuously monitor battery cell voltages to detect a failing cell before a failure occurs when integrated with the battery cell monitor
  • Optional coil voltage monitor provides monitoring of time to empty allowing railroad personnel to determine how long the battery will keep a crossing working with the AC power out

Event Recorder

RECO Event Recorder


  • Industry leading clock accuracy with less than 5 seconds of drift/month. Optional GPS antenna to eliminate any drift.
  • 6 I/O with scalability to 64. I/O can be customized to be digital or analog.
  • A touch screen display with keyboard allows for easy labeling of I/O.
  • Dry contacts to alarm when outside programmable limits.
  • Transmit data via Ethernet port in SNMP or Mod Bus protocol.
  • Event logs can be saved to a USB drive in CSV format with an encrypted CRC hash at the end of the file.
  • Firmware updates via an email file that can be uploaded to your device via a USB drive.
  • Monitors
    • Gate Arms and lights
    • Track position/track sensors
    • Track Heaters
    • Battery Capacity
    • Battery load testing
    • Cell voltage
    • Cell fluid level
    • Conductance of Battery Cells
    • Ground Fault testing
    • Switch monitoring


  • Compatible with existing crossing controllers for simple installation.
  • Accurate time calculation ensures that if an event occurs the railroad will have accurate account of what was functioning during an event.
  • Lowers response time through a versatile platform capable of alarming specific user defined inputs.
  • Ability to integrate with existing maintenance call out systems



State-of-the-Art Controls and Connectivity provides railroads with remote monitoring and control of set points, run times, fuel levels, weather conditions and more


  • Monitoring of all trackside equipment
    • Battery Systems
    • Switch Machines
    • Generators
    • Weather Stations
    • Video Camera Systems and more
  • Monitor
    • Line voltages
    • Line currents
    • Battery voltages
    • Battery currents
    • Battery temperatures
    • Load current
    • Switch machine voltages
    • Switch machine currents
    • Switch machine transition time
    • Switch machine operations
  • Digital text display for field monitoring and adjustments
  • Customizable web interface


  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems
  • Alarm notifications are transmitted via email to user designated recipients whenever an asset is operating outside of normal parameters
  • Fewer train delays
  • Extensive graphing and historical analysis capabilities stored in a secure centralized web portal
  • Remotely view snapshot images either on demand or based on events for historical data

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