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RECO’s battery cell monitors collect data such as the temperature and voltage from individual battery cells or battery strings enabling customers to effectively manage an unlimited number of batteries, and proactively target site maintenance.

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This helps operators identify a deteriorating battery cell prior to damage to the rest of the battery cell bank. They are customizable with a web-based user interface for viewing historical data to identify bad or deteriorating cells. Additionally, the battery cell monitors estimate the remaining battery capacity based on amp-hours consumed, discharge current temperature, and battery age. It also estimates the remaining runtime based on battery capacity and average load over a period of time.

Standard Features

  • Can be used as a stand alone product to monitor batteries connected to any and all types of chargers via Ethernet or relay contacts
  • Measure live data points: voltage, temperature (Type K thermocouple), and current
  • User-friendly interface with a 20 x 20 OLED display with four pushbuttons navigates settings
  • Analog input for current or other sensor
  • Easily installs to battery posts
  • Communicates wirelessly with Rail-NET™ devices
  • Operates off a single cell of .8VDC to 5VDC
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Alarm relays

Rail-NET Remote Monitoring Capabilities

RECO battery cell monitors are compatible with Rail-NET™ remote monitoring software, allowing convenient access to the status of equipment and data, anywhere at any time.

  • Display estimated time to battery cell depletion during power outage
  • Calculated from site specific data, (i.e. power consumed over prior time period)
  • Identify a deteriorating cell prior to failure or damage to other cells in the string

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