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Railway Equipment Company’s low voltage battery monitors measure the voltage of a battery bank or DC bus, and trips an alarm if the voltage drops below an adjustable threshold. Additionally, they are compatible with Rail-NET™ remote monitoring software allowing convenient access to the status of equipment and data, anywhere at anytime.

Voltage Monitor
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  • Model 520603-2V150 is the standard model
  • Model 520603-2V151 includes the communications board which provides an Ethernet port for remote monitoring
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Digital Amperage Meter (when optional Current Sensor is used)
  • Digital Voltage Meter
  • Digital Temperature Meter (when optional Temperature Sensor is used)
  • 2500 volt isolation between channels.
  • Input Power: 10 – 48 VDC 2.5 Watts constant, protected by an internal resettable fuse.
  • The inputs are protected against reverse polarity.
  • Voltage Sense Range Channel 1: 10 – 48 VDC
  • Output channel 1: over or under set point programmable time delay
  • Voltage sense range channel 2: 1 – 150 VDC
  • Current sense range channel 2: -120 VDC to +120 VDC
  • Temperature sense range channel 2: -40º to 300º F, -40º to 150º F
  • Output channel 2: over or under setpoints programmable time-delay
  • The monitor outputs are a form C relay with fuse protection
  • All voltage inputs and monitor outputs are wired via removable Wago terminal
  • Panel mount ready
  • Meets or exceeds AAR/AREMA Specifications
  • Two-year warranty

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