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The ETC battery charger is a regulated battery charger that features built-in filtering and temperature compensation for use on Lead and NiCad batteries. The ETC series battery chargers are equipped with an automatic analog circuit design. The charger will regulate output voltage to less than 1% from full-load to no load with a 15% supply voltage and the ripple output is less than one volt at full-load. Some additional features include:

ETC Battery Charger
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  • 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 amp available
  • Display: The charger has easy front panel access for setting up the charger for most battery and load possibilities, also LED’s with volt and amp meters for easy monitoring of status of charger operation
  • Temperature Compensation: The unit has a built-in temp compensation circuit to permit the longest battery life possible
  • Battery Voltage Sensing: Also available is a remote voltage sense capability to compensate for voltage drop between charger and battery
  • Battery Voltage Monitor: Equipped with a voltage monitor that is independent from charger circuits, if the charger output voltage deviates more than 10% from the cell select settings an isolated relay will trip an alarm if the voltage drops below an adjustable threshold.
  • Features an adjustable current limit to protect both the charger and battery
  • Fully automatic and convection cooled for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
  • AAR/AREMA terminals; meets or exceeds AAR/AREMA specifications
  • AC & DC circuit, transient protection
  • Rack mounting kit
  • Two-year warranty

Rail-NET Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • Rail-NET™ Remote monitoring software allows convenient real-time access to the status of equipment and data
  • Allows viewing of historical data and sues information to determine bad or deteriorating cells
  • Monitors live data point: current, voltage, temperature
  • Status page shows current status of faults, fault count readings, and settings
  • Remotely edit configuration of charger

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