LED Lights and LAMPs

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The EZ Gate® LED Gate Lamp Kit was designed to work with Railway Equipment Company’s Gate Arms as well as Gate Arms from most other major manufacturers. The quick mounting and connecting of cords and lamps reduces maintenance time and labor costs for replacement on existing installations. The lamp assembly has an exclusive three pin socket which mates with the coil cord plug connector. This allows the coil cord to be plugged into the lamp socket in any one of three different positions to make the correct electrical connection for flashing left/flashing right or steady.

LED Gate Lamp Kit
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  • Designed for quick connect with no hard wiring necessary
  • Utilizes set screws that allow for easy and fast installs or maintenance repair
  • Gate Lamp Assemblies are made of injection-molded, fiberglass- reinforced high strength plastic making them durable and crush/ impact resistant
  • Simple LED on each side
  • Operating voltage 8-16 VDC, 350MA
  • All lights are interchangeable and will function as needed based on their gate position

LED Low Profile Kit Includes

  • Three 4″ lamps
  • Two coil cords
  • One straight cord
  • Cord clamps

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