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The Low Profile Gas Hot Blower provides switch protection in the most adverse winter conditions. Available in different models for custom needs, they are compatible with Rail-NET™ software increasing efficiency and functionality.

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Railway Equipment Company is capable of monitoring track switch heaters, track switch machines, lubricators, battery chargers, batteries, crossing equipment, track circuits, generators, and cameras.

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Do you have assets that range from easy accessibility via wayside roads, to having to receive track authority to access the asset via a high-rail truck?

Does maintenance, inspection, and upkeep prove difficult when resources are limited and conditions can be dangerous?

Railway Equipment Company has developed a system to collect and circulate pertinent asset operating data to the right personnel at the right time. Railroad defined data is collected via Railway Equipment Company’s various interface modules that monitor a variety of analog and digital inputs. Data is then transmitted to a secure online portal for processing and accessibility.

The portal allows the user to customize the presentation of the data as well as when an alert should be sent out and to whom. Customization of asset tracking and alerts are sent whenever an asset is operating outside normal parameters. Railroads can remotely determine the the status of their equipment and prioritize their responses to better utilize their maintenance resources.

With remote monitoring a site visit is no longer needed to determine what the problem is. Instead, information provided through remote monitoring ensures the maintenance personnel are equipped to correct the situation before traveling to the asset.

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Monitor asset performance via historical data.

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Rail-NET™ is your solution providing remote monitoring and control of your track-side assets.

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