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The RECO pan heater control system is a free standing unit that features the ability to monitor rail temperature and a 120 VAC control input and control equipment dependent on these conditions. A contactor output is provided to power pan heaters, and two additional outputs are provided that can be used to power 24 VDC relays. The system features programmable rail temperature setpoint, requiring temperature to be below the setpoint before contactor closure. Contact closure is maintained if temperature and control input remain within the selected parameters. The module also has a preset 10 second delay before contact closure to prevent contact chatter in case of control signal issues.

pan heater system
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A rail temperature sensor (thermocouple) is provided. If this sensor is not installed, or is damaged (open), the system will continue to operate with sole control reverting to the 120 VAC control input signal. The rail temperature sensor is connected to the blue female connector coming out the left side of the control module.


  • Input power is 240 VAC @ 20 Amps AAR connection
  • Control on signal is a 120 VAC AAR connection
  • 3 – 3A AGC fuses protect the Control Module: 120/240 VAC, 240 VAC and Output 1
  • LED status indicators
  • Digital Rail Temperature Meter (when rail temperature probe is connected)
  • Meets or exceeds AAR / AREMA specifications
  • Panel-ready to mount in bungalow
  • Two-year warranty

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