963 Gas Hot Air Blower Switch Heater with Bungalow2017-07-03T09:57:55-05:00

BungalowThe Gas Hot air Blower switch heater provides track switch protection in the most adverse winter conditions. Available in different models for custom needs, they are compatible with Rail-NET™  and iHab™ software increasing efficiency and functionality.

5 hp, 900,000 Btu Bungalow

  • Enclosed Gas Hot Air Blower
  • Stainless Steel burner
  • Galvanized 9′ steel tie outlet duct
  • Two point nozzles
  • Two large track duct nozzles
  • Four adjustable leveling legs
  • Light and duplex wall outlet
  • Electric forced air wall heater
  • Optional AC drive
    • Reduces Startup current
    • Energy Efficient
  • Optional Rail-NET
  • Optional iHab

Rail-NET Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • Remote monitoring software allows convenient real-time access to the status of equipment and data
  • Allows viewing of historical data and uses information to help determine future and occurring maintenance issues
  • Beneficial for preventative maintenance
  • Monitors live data points; customer based
  • Status page shows current status of faults, fault count readings and settings
  • Remotely edit configuration of equipment


Gas Hot Air Blowers



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