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Fiberglass switch covers, side covers and swing nose frog covers aid in keeping the switch clear by not allowing snow and ice to enter the switch, and also by keeping heat in the switch area. Our switch covers are designed to be installed or taken out in the least amount of time ensuring track time for these operations is kept to a minimum. The enhanced design enables continuous flow of heated air down side covers to be more effective in protecting your equipment.

switch cover systems
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Switch Covers

  • New and more efficient hardware including: magnetic brackets, pins, and 4′ hinged center cover
  • Covers can be installed with brackets using existing switch hardware, or by using magnetic mounting rail brackets
  • Wide side covers allow flex hose nozzle to sit under cover and direct flow of heated air
  • Steel deflection plates on both ends helps prevent damage from dragging debris
  • Center Covers are slotted for easy installation to brackets and move freely with switch rails
  • Available in 20′, 30′ and 40′ full sets, side covers only, or center covers only

Side Covers

  • New and more efficient hardware for installing side covers on rail instead of ties; allows for quick installation
  • Open ends on covers allow heat to flow through entire heated area
  • New design allows for heating of helper rods
  • Covers are easily removed for quick access to helper rods
  • Wide side covers allow flex hose nozzle to sit under cover and direct flow of heated air
  • Available in 20′, 30′, and 40′ full sets (center and side covers) or exclusively side or center covers only

Swing Nose Frog

RECO’s new switch covers for swing nose frogs keep switches operating in the most adverse conditions. We provide a variety of mounting hardware to ensure that covers can be securely mounted in minimal time.

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