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Railway Equipment Company (RECO) offers innovative solutions to remotely monitor and control trackside assets from anywhere at any time. The Rail-NET™ remote monitoring mobile app increases safety and efficiency with the ability to monitor, control, and test various wayside assets.

Rail-NET™ Remote Monitoring

Rail-NET™ provides real-time insight to critical data, weather conditions, battery health, gate mechanism condition, battery charger operation, switch machine analytics, gate lamp and flasher light out detection, crossing arm position and switch heater status. Rail-NET™ has proven its ability to improve switch reliability through switch heater monitoring and control for over a decade in some of the harshest winter conditions throughout North America.

Ongoing efforts are taking place to integrate robust sensors with the Rail-NET™  platform with the goal of increasing the safety of grade crossings through real-time monitoring every time a crossing is activated, on-demand, or at user defined intervals.

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