RECO Winter Check List

RECO Winter Check List2021-11-12T17:04:41-06:00

Prepare your tracks for the harsh winter conditions.

For the ultimate defense against snow and ice, trust RECO’s gas hot air and electric switch heaters, fiberglass switch covers and winter protection for hot box detectors. Sno-NetTM provides an innovative solution to remotely monitor and control wayside equipment from anywhere at any time. Offering reliability, increased safety and efficiency with the ability to monitor, control, and test various wayside assets remotely.

RECO is dedicated to developing reliable and innovative products to keep our customers safe in the harshest winter conditions. Check out our 24-point inspection check list to ensure your tracks stand up to the ice and cold this winter and keep the railroad moving efficiently and on time.

Magnum Switch Heaters


  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Solid compact construction
  • Withstands heavy vibration
  • Terminals are positively sealed against moisture
  • Can be operated on AC or DC systems


  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Solid compact construction
  • Withstands heavy vibration
  • Terminals are positively sealed against moisture
  • Can be operated on AC or DC systems


  • 2, 3, and 5 hp direct drive motor
  • 400,000, 600,000, and 900,000 Btu bungalows
  • Propane or natural gas powered
  • Efficient two-stage design with built-in energy management
  • Adjustable air temperature control
  • Built-in snow detector control
  • Complete flame safety control system
  • Adjustable run timer
  • Conserves resources
  • Dry contact or 24 VDC indication circuit
  • High-efficiency air foil-type blower
  • Adjustable mounting foundations
  • Programmed for on-demand use
  • Advance controls allow for customization of operating parameters to reduce operating expense
  • Remote control operation via dispatch or Rail-NET
  • Quick Change nozzle kits

Fiberglass Switch Covers


  • Variable lengths to accommodate various switch designs
  • Newly designed helper rod covers to prevent snow and ice from interfering with operation
  • Durable fiberglass design maximizes strength and minimizes weight
  • Hinged sections to provide quick access for track inspection
  • Suited for high-speed rail lines
  • Designed to reduce the likelihood of shunting rail


  • Shipped in purpose built steel rack that allows for secure storage during warm months
  • Simplified mounting system with a vast selection of mounting hardware, reducing time on installation and mounting
  • An extra layer of protection to increase switch reliability

Hotbox Protector & Fiberglass Cover System


  • Fiberglass covers with heated steel insert surrounding the scanner opening
  • High wattage pan heater underneath the scanner to melt snow and prevent any refreezing
  • Control via snow detection, dispatch or local
  • Optional rail temp control
  • Available in single and multiple track configurations
  • Fiberglass center cover to prevent any snow build up between the rails
  • Optional pan heater for dragging equipment detector keeps snow and ice from interfering with operation


State-of-the-Art Controls and Connectivity provides railroads with remote monitoring and control of set points, run times, fuel levels, weather conditions and more


  • Monitoring of all trackside equipment
    • Battery Systems
    • Switch Machines
    • Generators
    • Weather Stations
    • Video Camera Systems and more
  • Monitor
    • Propane consumption
    • Line voltages
    • Line currents
    • Battery voltages
    • Battery currents
    • Battery temperatures
    • Load current
    • Switch machine voltages
    • Switch machine currents
    • Switch machine transition time
    • Switch machine operations
  • Digital text display for field monitoring and adjustments
  • Customizable web interface


  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems
  • Alarm notifications are transmitted via email to user designated recipients whenever an asset is operating outside of normal parameters
  • Fewer train delays
  • Extensive graphing and historical analysis capabilities stored in a secure centralized web portal
  • Remotely view snapshot images either on demand or based on events for historical data

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