Come join a small manufacturing company of 70 people that is building products that help keep our rail system moving.  Rail transportation moves freight as well as people and our products help to keep that critical infrastructure safe.  Have you ever thought about what happens to a switch in a track when there is snow and ice?  Not just in Minnesota but also in northern Canada.  Ever thought about the catastrophic consequences if that switch didn’t move and two trains approached each other on the same track?  Well, you don’t have to because Railway Equipment Company manufactures hot air blowers for those switches to keep them clear of snow and ice and moving when they are supposed to!

Company Mission: Railway Equipment Company (RECo) is dedicated to supplying the railroad industry with differentiated products that help railways meet their shippers’ needs. With a top priority of safety and reliability, RECo works tirelessly to provide cutting-edge technology and products.


Job Title: Welder

Job Overview: This position involves welding ductwork and other assemblies for snow melting equipment and other railroad applications.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Able to read and understand part drawings.
  • Be able to weld different gauges of steel and different types of steel following weld notes on the drawing and any jigs needed.
  • MIG welding and/or TIG welding.
  • May have to run a grinder, a torch, plasma cutter, or other tools as required.
  • Must be safety conscious at all times.
  • Identify quality issues that may arise and direct them to the supervisor for corrective action.
  • Ensure that all parts are marked correctly.