Help us welcome RECO’s new Strategic Account Sales Manager Mathew Bolte

Matt joins RECO with 12 years of experience specializing in the signaling sector of the Railroad Industry.  “I was drawn to RECO because of the family atmosphere.  It’s refreshing to join a team where everyone is working together to accomplish the same goal.”  Matt said. Matt grew up in Jupiter, FL and graduated from Baldwin

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Remote Monitoring Product Innovation

Over the last 15 years we have offered remote connectivity with our switch heater product line, complete with real-time alerts that enable users to take action remotely. This has increased switch heater up-time and decreased exposure of railroad personnel to dangerous driving conditions. Users have measured and reported on the increase in switch reliability during

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We Will Remain Open as an Essential Business

The health and safety of our customers and employees is the highest priority for Railway Equipment Company (RECO).  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, MN as well as many other states across the country have issued executive stay-at-home orders. Based upon guidelines published by the Department of Homeland Security Railway Equipment Company is a part of

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MBTA Utilizing RECO’s Lastest Track Switch Winter Protection Technology

Within the last three years, Boston, Massachusetts encountered the 5th and 6th largest snowstorms in history. Massive storms proved to be operationally challenging and greatly disrupted public transit on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or MBTA. As part of a winter resiliency plan, the MBTA has partnered with Railway Equipment Company and Keolis Commuter Services

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RECO featured in Progressive Railroading’s “The Internet of Things” issue

Railway Equipment Company is more than a railroad products supplier. We are remote monitoring specialist. This article details a bit more about our remote monitoring and control technologies which have been instrumental in helping customers reduce response time, diagnose and eliminate many failures, and reduce operating costs. Click here to read the full story…

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