Railway Equipment Company (RECO) is dedicated to supplying the railroad industry with differentiated products that help railways meet their shippers’ needs. With a top priority of safety and reliability, RECO works tirelessly to provide cutting-edge technology and products. We welcome new challenges from customers to revise and design products to suit unique needs, all while providing exceptional service and support.

Railway Equipment Company  (RECO) Manufactures a complete line of Snow Clearing Devices, Crossing Gate Arms and Lamps, Battery Chargers, and Remote Asset Monitoring & Control Systems. We are focused solely on the railroad industry and no other. However, we are more than a railroad products supplier. We are remote monitoring specialist. Our solutions offer railroads the ability to remotely monitor and control trackside assets via web-based applications.

Our 40-year track record of solving our customers’ toughest challenges has taught us about the railroad industry and the pressures you face. That’s why we work tirelessly to employ cutting-edge technology and business practices that help you succeed. Railway Equipment Company proudly manufactures:


RECO track switch heaters are an industry-leading solution for providing switch protection in the most adverse winter conditions. The Magnum™ track switch heater product line includes: gas hot air blowers in various sizes and configurations, cold air blowers, electric hot air blowers, and electric rail track switch heaters.


RECO is a leading manufacturer of grade crossing equipment, providing complete E Z Gate® gate arms and LED lamp kits, a full-line of LED signal lights, along with individual components and accessories.


Many of the RECO products incorporate built-in communication interfaces allowing our customers to remotely monitor and control these products via a secure website. Real-time notifications of fault conditions provide the user with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.


The RECO Cragg Railcharger battery charger product line is expansive and includes: traditional SCR style battery chargers with or without a digital interface and communication connections, switch mode power supply battery chargers to minimize power consumption, and voltage monitors to ensure proper system operation.