DTC Cragg Railcharger

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The RECO DTC Cragg Railcharger®, distributed by Aldridge Railway Signals, is fully equipped with user-friendly and cost-effective features to extend and protect the life of the battery.

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DTC Charger


  • Modular design
  • Available in 20, 40, 60 and 80 amp models
  • 20 x 20 OLED displays voltage, current, temperature and settings
  • Fully automatic and convection cooled
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 70°C
  • Wall mounted or rack mounting kit
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • AC and DC circuit transient protection
  • Automatic power up feature
  • Battery string voltage monitor with relay output
  • Programmable battery equalization and temperature compensation
  • Adjustable current limit: 100-50%
  • -/+ 1% voltage regulation
  • 1 Form C programmable contact


  • Integrated voltage monitor measures voltage of entire battery bank and provides alarming when voltage is outside of control limits
  • Minimize installation time with Microprocessor and digital display
  • Maximize the life of the charger by utilizing a Microprocessor to analyze and switch demand on the power module based on temperature
  • Eliminates the risk of leaving utility power off after testing by utilizing the Automatic power up technology


  • Continuously monitor battery cell voltages to detect a failing cell before a failure occurs when integrated with the battery cell monitor.


State-of-the-Art Controls and Connectivity provides railroads with remote monitoring and control of set points, run times, fuel levels, weather conditions and more


  • Monitoring of all trackside equipment
    • Battery Systems
    • Switch Machines
    • Generators
    • Weather Stations
    • Video Camera Systems and more
  • Monitor
    • Line voltages
    • Line currents
    • Battery voltages
    • Battery currents
    • Battery temperatures
    • Load current
    • Switch machine voltages
    • Switch machine currents
    • Switch machine transition time
    • Switch machine operations
  • Digital text display for field monitoring and adjustments
  • Customizable web interface


  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems
  • Alarm notifications are transmitted via email to user designated recipients whenever an asset is operating outside or normal parameters
  • Fewer train delays
  • Extensive graphing and historical analysis capabilities stored in a secure centralized web portal
  • Remotely view snapshot images either on demand or based on events for historical data

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