Electric Hot Air Blowers

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The Electric Hot Air Blowers provide consistent, reliable protection against snow and ice by utilizing an electric power source versus the natural or propane gas used by the Gas Hot Air Blowers. Our track switch heaters provide heat at the movable point of the track and eliminate costly labor and the use of alternative methods for clearing such as salt, steam, gas and other blower systems. Increase efficiency and functionality by employing RECO’s  Rail-NET™ Remote Monitoring System and iHab™ to determine the status of your equipment and prioritize responses.

934 Electric Hot Air Gas Blower
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Model 934

  • 50 KW, 2 hp, 480 VAC available
  • 50 KW, 2 hp, 240 VAC available
  • 60 KW, 2 hp, 240 VAC available
  • 66” height above foundation
  • 2 hp blower unit
  • Galavnized 9’ steel tie outlet duct
  • Two point nozzles
  • Track duct nozzles
  • Optional Rail-NET
  • Optional iHab™


Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Solid compact construction
  • Withstands heavy vibration
  • Terminals are positively sealed against moisture
  • Can be operated on AC or DC systems

Rail-NET Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • Remote monitoring software allows convenient real-time access to the status of equipment and data
  • Allows viewing of historical data and uses information to help determine future and occurring maintenance issues
  • Beneficial for preventative maintenance
  • Monitors live data points; customer based
  • Status page shows current status of faults, fault count readings, and settings
  • Remotely edit configuration of equipment

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