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The Model 922 Switch Heater Controller is a complete system which provides all necessary control features for electric heating devices on track switches. High and low heat levels, controlled by a rail temperature switch, allow use of high wattage heaters for fast, effective clearing of snow and ice under the most extreme conditions and yet allow reduced energy levels under milder conditions.

Electric Switch Heater Controller
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This is a complete unit, ready to be installed and operated. Individual fault detection and temperature control has been combined in a simple, reliable and low cost package. Modular design allows standardized components for single-phase or three-phase power and single or multiple switch applications. The 922 controller has been designed to deliver many years of dependable, effective snow melter operation.


Main Controller Section

  • Incoming main circuit breaker
  • Control power transformer / supply
  • Remote / local enable circuit
  • Rail temperature control circuit
  • Reply indication circuit (either 24 VDC or closed contact)
  • Cabinet space heater
  • Air temperature control
  • Built-in snow detector (less head)

Output Section

  • Heater fault to ground detection
  • Open (non-working) heater detection
  • Output contactor
  • Heater fault test circuit
  • Output circuit breakers
  • Time delayed startup (on multiple switch units)
  • Status indicating lights


  • Cost Effective and efficient
  • Solid and compact construction
  • Withstands heavy vibration
  • Terminals are positively sealed against moisture
  • Operable on AC or DC systems

Heater Types & Applications

Single Ended

Mounted to the inside or outside of the rail to melt ice and snow in the switch area. Power is supplied to only one end to reduce installation costs, track time and labor costs. Heater can be bolted to the or clipped directly to the rail with available hardware.

Double Ended

Mounted to the inside or outside of the rail to melt ice and snow in the switch area. Power is supplied at each end of the installation. Heater can be bolted directly to the rail with available hardware.

Switch Rod Hairpin

Formed to a “U” shape with terminations at one end. Units are mounted between ties to melt ice and snow in the switch rod area. One, two or three heaters are used depending on the size of the switch.

Ballast Heaters

Supplemental heaters designed to help facilitate drainage of run-off water away from the track. Consists of a hairpin formed tubular heater encased in a protective heavy duty steel channel/

Custom Formed Heaters

Meet the requirements of auto train stop or trip stop or other applications.


Voltage208, 240, 480 VAC 1Ø or 3Ø
Output capacity60 amp maximum per output section
@ 480 volt, 120 amp maximum per output section @ 240 volt
Switches12 maximum per controller
Heater fault range150 mA minimum, 800 mA maximum
Air temperature sensor-40º F to +200º F normally set at +38º F
Rail temperature sensorAdjustable -40º F to +200º F

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