Track Switch Cover Systems

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The Low Profile Gas Hot Blower provides switch protection in the most adverse winter conditions. Available in different models for custom needs, they are compatible with Rail-NET™ software increasing efficiency and functionality.

RECO fiberglass track switch covers keep the switch clear by preventing snow and ice from accumulating on the switching rails. In addition, the use of track switch covers aids in reducing the loss of heat that is generated by track switch heaters; therefor dramatically reducing energy costs.

RECO fiberglass switch cover racks are designed to properly ship and store a complete set of 20’, 30’, or 40’ fiberglass covers and accessories. The rack comes fully-assembled providing an easy and safe method for transporting and storing your fiberglass switch covers.

Fiberglass Side Cover

Fiberglass Switch Cover Systems

Track Switch Cover Storage Rack

Fiberglass Switch Cover Storage Rack

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