This helps operators identify a deteriorating battery cell prior to damage to the rest of the battery cell bank. They are customizable with a web-based user interface for viewing historical data to identify bad or deteriorating cells. Additionally, the battery cell monitors estimate the remaining battery capacity based on amp-hours consumed, discharge current temperature, and battery age. It also estimates the remaining runtime based on battery capacity and average load over a period of time.

Standard Features

  • Can be used as a stand alone product to monitor batteries connected to any and all types of chargers via Ethernet or relay contacts
  • Measure live data points: voltage, and current
  • Analog input for current or other sensor
  • Easily installs to battery posts
  • Communicates wirelessly with Rail-NET™ devices
  • Operates off a single cell of .8VDC to 5VDC
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Alarm relays