Universal Snow Detection System

  • The Universal Snow Detection System is equipped to monitor temperature and moisture and can operate equipment in necessary weather conditions
  • This kit utilizes the Three Sided Snow Detector that consists of a detachable head allowing for quick replacement without needing to disconnect the cord; as well as a magnetic point detector
  • System is complete with a weather tight enclosure, power supply, relay with timer, temperature control, and sensing heads with cords
  • Snow Detection System features a digital display
  • Programmable sensitivity

Rail Mounted Snow Detector

  • Powerful magnet attaches the detector/sensor to the web of the rail
  • Detects blowing and drifting snow at the rail for improved switch clearing
  • Combination detector/sensor for ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel construction with sealed electronics for years of reliable operation
  • Fully compatible with current and legacy Control Modules

Three and Four Sided Snow Detection Systems

  • Detects snow down to -40º F ambient temperature
  • Includes a quick change connector for easy snow detector head replacement
  • Detachable cord and bracket

Wireless Snow Detection Systems

  • Powered by 120 VAC or 240 VAC; strapping plugs provided. Remote sensors powered by 120 VAC
  • Overvoltage protection provided; input and output lines are fuse protected
  • 6” x 8” water tight enclosure with removable connector and output wiring
  • Two additional outputs to power 24 VDC relays
  • Wireless communication to rail temp and snow detector sensors; can receive a signal from up to 2000+ feet away
  • Programmable moisture detection; requires moisture presence from 1 to 60 seconds before contact closure
  • Temperature set points are adjustable between -40º F  to +100º F
  • Contact is maintained if temperature and moisture remain within the selected parameters
  • Contact will remain closed, depending on the setting, from 10-999 minutes if moisture is no longer detected
  • Contact closure will cease if temperature rises above set point