Battery Automation Testing


The Integrated Battery Monitoring & Testing is a multi-functional device used with an SMC Battery Charger. When this device is installed to the charger, it has the capabilities to monitor and test a battery bank. The user has the ability to set up monthly testing for the batteries. This device is a cell monitor, current coil, and a load bank all in one small package.

  • The device can be easily installed to the SMC Battery Charger through the use of the RS485 ports
  • 1-12 battery cells can be connected to the device
  • This device is constantly checking/monitoring the status of the battery cells and will report when there is a bad cell
  • The current coil is rated to ±80 Amps when monitoring the battery bank current
  • The device has an internal 5Ω resistive load that can be switched on during testing
  • Monthly testing can be set up to test the health of the batteries oThis will let the user know if there are any bad cells